The Famous Mission

The intention of this project is to provide free websites for Bands, Artists, Churches, Clubs, and Organizations. The business model for the free sites is advertising supported sites, which means that the free sites will carry some advertising. There will be a five second audio spot on the home page and text ads on each page. If you are visiting after the first part of February, 2008 you may have heard one of these ads when you opened this page.

In addition, you can now participate in the money making action. This new addition to the program gives you the potential to make a bit of money by putting up pages here.

The free site web address will be in the format of The domain names myinternetpresence and ourinternetpresence are also available if you prefer. I added myinternetpresence with solo artists and craftsman in mind and then thought that I could also give groups an alternative, so I picked up ourinternetpresence. 

My domain of numberonepictures would be available for those in the photographic or video fields. There are also a couple of other domains that may be available including herestheblog for blog pages. We may offer direct domain names and hosting without the ads if there is a demand for these services.

There is a link in the left navigation column for descriptions of pages and features that we make available. There is also a link to the various skins that we have available at the present time. I will be adding other skins in the future. I may also discontinue skins in which there is no interest. There is a limited sample site that demonstrates some of the features and the general look of a site HERE.

The How to Get Started page has the basic instructions about what is needed to start setting up your free website. Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions at:

Thank you for your interest!

If you know anyone who might be interested in this service you may email them a link to this site by clicking HERE.

What do you think about this?

Please tell me!

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